On the Run from Bullets and Bruises: Ayaan’s Story

I WASN’T BORN yet when I became a refugee for the first time. A man ran into our home while I was still in the womb, to tell my mother that her son had been killed trying to secure food. He warned her to flee to a displaced persons’ camp. My mother refused and was still holding my baby sister when men stormed our home. They shot and killed my sister, who was still an infant.


‘Picture’ yourself ending Child Marriage

“I want to study further and become a teacher…” -Santadevi Meghwal Santadevi Meghwal belongs to the state of Rajasthan in India and she became a child bride at the age of 11 months. Child marriages deny girl children many basic rights and they are left vulnerable due to possible abuse, violence and exploitation of all … Continue reading ‘Picture’ yourself ending Child Marriage

#FreeSantadevi: The Law & Child Marriage in India

In this piece we are unlocking the provisions of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act which failed Santadevi in preserving her fundamental rights and left her no option but to fight. The Law & Child Marriage in India Child Marriage is a violation of human rights. According to UNICEF, it represents perhaps the most prevalent … Continue reading #FreeSantadevi: The Law & Child Marriage in India