Price of Silence is a grass roots performing arts collective which brings the global struggle for women’s rights to life on stage for audiences to live and breathe activism in action.

We focus on creating a palpable living bond between the performers and audiences, to eradicate cosmetic mirages which have created artificial notions of “other” to devalue women based on identities of being into spheres of worth.

Our stage is big enough to fit the world under the lights of a dream to be recognized in every language, perspective, everywhere, that every girl and woman is born dignified as a human being, entitled to the rights of a human being, on every continent that human beings inhabit.

On the stage and on the street, our movement begins with you.

“When every single organization gave up, when no one was there and I was certain I wasn’t going to make it, Price of Silence was the only ones to answer the call. They worked day and night till I was safe. I am alive today because of that effort.”

-Price of Silence Community Member