For the first time in Brett Kavanaugh’s life consent careened concern.

United States Senator Chuck Grassley talked about rape during the formal nomination  vote with the disesteem of a covert ops mission discovered. Rape was invented by liberals as an auspicious pretext in directing the charge for commandeering midterm elections. Consequently, that ploy afforded the abject affectation of transaction minimal enough to excise the value designations exceptionalism furnishes violent white supremacist patriarchal jingoism.

Who would  be more anent to the charge of covert usurping  of democratic elections in foreign countries than a United States Senate. Rape is collateral emoluments to militias and mercenaries securing United States regional interests, voluntarily, for the safety of their “allies.” What they do to women’s bodies in aftermaths are addendum’s to be finessed  between editorial words by celebrity journalists, commissioned by multinationals sponsoring expenses to celebrity NGOs, who communicate atrocities as an accident of birth devoid of histories and politics of maternal and social programing funding siphoned extorted principle debt payments–which has no corollary distinction on the actualization of women’s rights…

Rape is not the problem of the United States Senate.

Rape is not a United States entanglement.

Meryl Streep didn’t sponsor America’s Daughter she sponsored India’s Daughter, based on her political women’s rights work on the ground in Delhi negotiating casteist oppression, violent Islamophobia and Sanghi politics(…)

A Black young woman hanging herself in her William Patterson dorm after a previous suicide attempt days after being raped, before her rape complaint was suppressed, wouldn’t inspire Hollywood, as it would require an admission of the omission of Black women, meaning acknowledgment of their existences. Concurrently, we wouldn’t see a an academy script about the gang-rape of a thirteen year old girl fleeing extralegal foreign direct investment export encampments, sweat shops, in Cuidad where rape is an instrument of production, because the one among the many being referred to happened three years ago, when refugees of economic neocolonialism were ushered to the United States and immigration detention centers didn’t exist. Like rape didn’t exist. It didn’t exist in rape kits intentionally not investigated, popularly donned by the broadcast mediated accomplices to the state who helped don the term “backlog” rather than criminal dereliction of patriarchal dehumanization.

After a lull in state sponsored hash-tag  reciprocity exchanged on exclusively pedicured production value of journalism, the misogynist and chief became a declaration to anyone who was waiting for their moment to get involved in activism. The rapist and chief has yet to fail in squeezing ratings fungible to polling points balanced on his constituency, cabinets and his trenchant hate for women.  Nominating Kavanaugh was his next act to assert and divert contention, amid treasonous scandals.

Despite Kavanaugh’s social-Darwinist jurist record of adjudicating torture as a lawyer, anti-union, pro-corporation, anti individual rights to access healthcare for persons with preexisting causes, anti-choice, anti-woman, politically partisan verdicts, it looked like he would sail with minimal opposition until a brave woman made a brave choice, despite the realities of mass misogynistic ideological terrorism in the United States.

Christine Blasey Ford came forward in a blazen courage despite the nerves which decipherable ran through her, egressing resolution with griping faculty, in the face of being put on trial–Christine Blasey Ford was put on trial, put on trialfor being raped as a teenager. The fact that she was raped was recognized by the senatorial fraternity row, but the line of far right treachery concluded that all those years ago she had just been raped to interrupt Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

A nomination appointment by a president who has raped, sexually assaulted and sexually harassed multiple/multitudes of women with no formal investigation previous or forthcoming his election (3/5th of the last U.S. Presidents have committed sexual assault–not “transgressions). Like his tax records/frauds that’s an oversight that just slips through the fingers of an apical federal investigative body that’s busy profiling Muslims, Black, Latinx and Indigenous activists contiguous to proving material aid to usurping in North Africa, suppling logistics and finance to militias/terrorists ensuring Black refugees never make it to Europe and being a variable to perpetual conflict for profit.

Nonetheless, the president’s indiscretions never became a discretion, because the peabody of mainstream access Hollywood journalism Billy Bush and NBC helped him cover it up for years–like a war crimes or the New York Times for Harvey Weinstein.

Subsequent to these disclosures, rape was purely foreign to the United States Senate–despite just resigning a senator for sexual assault, which to many card carrying members alleging to that senator’s party “the  (neo)liberals” the forced resignation in retrospect of these new rape developments was too benign to fit the crime. Today as a rapist–another rapist is taking his oath to further deprecate the U.S. Constitution’s to the letter of the white male slave owning landed gentries’ world views, the liberal men are being forced to bear the burden of what they deem now a superfluous crime of sexual harassment–a twenty dollar fine for a crime a woman has to psychologically, emotionally strain herself to bear the burden of for the rest of her life. Rape culture knows no male empathy despite any suggestive principle of partisan ideology of social conscience.

Worse, for the misogosphere of twitter and every sexual assault survivor, by the  white discordance of internalized patriarchy, Senator Susan Collins who suggested the liberal senator resign, accorded the fiercely contested last vote upon the inconclusive or inconsistently true to form FBI investigation of gender based violence, which placated to summarizing forty missed years of cold case into four-to-five days of rugged guestimations without calling even the multiple victims/survivors to an interview .

Bringing Brett Kavanaugh’s motion for nomination from committee to the U.S. Senate floor____

Once on the floor, half the floor, of the United States Senate came to terms that rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, actually happen in the United States. “Misogyny” conferred locution in recognition of a domestic rape culture from male senators orating objections to Kavanaugh. Misogyny as a supposition of the brutality of U.S. legislative his-story and decorum has been predominant since the inception of the body politic, but in communication, groundbreaking in a country that records more than 300,000  rapes annually.

As Kavanaugh assails the highest court in the injustice system, the Senate minority leader protests “Vote.” Considering women, conspicuously women from marginalized communities and identities–Black, Afro-Latinx, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, South East and South Asian, undocumented, economically oppressed women, have been being raped before they could vote, after and as they still have to access to equitable representation, we will vote our rape culture and gender based violence, since courts ranging from state criminal to the Supreme Court have been marred by torturing victims and survivors, with no account to the system, without any legislative gender nuanced policy plan.




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