CNN in typical fast fashion mediated punditry clammers to the military police state, as another Black Woman, Therese Patricia Okoumou, stands in a physical proclamation of defiance and liberty.

A Black woman, Therese Patricia Okoumou, assails the Statue of Tyranny in a declaration of independence for the freedom that Black and Indigenous women have had no choice, but to fight, to rise and resist towards for two hundred years, since the 4th of July, 1776 and CNN is talking about the dangers for the police who have to climb and get her down. Championing variant protocols of shackling her and putting her in a cage, emblematic of the Black women foremother’s denied the autonomy of history and the so-called freedom’s of  superfluous declarations of war and charters of rights.

Perhaps if they, the CNN talking heads had talked about the dangers of living in her melanin rich skin, the dangers of her kin, for the last two decades, then no one, no one, no one, would have to go to extraordinary means to declare:

I am tired…I am your poor…I am your huddled masses. I am your yearning to breath free. Mothers of color all over the world, send me yours, because we will be free.

Put up a statue of Harriet Tubman. Put up a statue of Hanging Cloud Ojibwe. Put up a statue of Assata Shakur in that harbour. Put up a statue of Sandra Bland in that harbour. Put up a statue of Bree Newsome in that harbour. Call her Therese Patricia Okoumou and send that statute back to Europe. Declare Independence in the name of Black, Indigenous and Latinx women and let freedom ring out.




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