“They” really, really don’t care.

Maybe we still don’t get it. The United States 2016 election was literally a mediated coup, pilfered by a history of acquiescence in compliance between the institutions that uphold, profit and perpetuate the equation of an fraudulent contest. This is to say a licensed  adherence to market fraternity between the military industrial complex, media, white editorials falsely projecting binaries between mutually symbiotic alternations of dynamic white supremacy.  In short, the apolitical establishment cosigned by chosen punditry constrains the margins of the crimes it sponsors, until histories are erased. The outcomes aligned the margins so tightly, that its meta relevance soliciting synthetic  outrage is disconnected from the criminals it created and oppositional control is compelled to what is deemed legitimate sourcing–Anthony Scaramucci et al.  Yet the general public is still volunteering complicity to the mediated equation, in exoneration of the criminals, by way of a criminal disinformation. The same Rachel Maddow who mocked women protesting Obama for drone attacks that killed children, is now crying over the separation of parent and child. We’ll say it again. You can say “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything,” while still  falling for everything and anything and standing for nothing more than ratings by proxy of reaction. U.S. media, who conflated the premise of “migrant crisis,” the same neoliberal talking heads who tacitly played the strings of Islamophobia, exonerating mass deportations, detention, the CVE, who rolled over these protocols and the treatment of refugees for years to the United States, is making you now believe they’re on your side. You are falling for it, with every byline and headline, hook line and sinker.

CNN Breaking News, They’re Not On Your Side. They aren’t even bringing on people with proficient experience between push factors–i.e. U.S. foreign policy, interventionism and neoliberal structural adjustments, including regime changes, foreign policy exploitation zones, international human rights norms, norms in praxis, the evacuation processes so that advocacy might encompass a holistic understanding of what it might be advocating for and the various paths to ascertaining outcomes. Accountability is a slippery slope, where threads start to unravel the entire rope might follow to. Subsequently, once emancipated from the marionette strings the system’s commercial symbiotic relations that sponsor editorial outrage might become the focus of outrage. Where journalism is qualified to be independent and not entertainment, information ceases to be a weapon and becomes an instrument.

Remember the quote from Maya, “When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time.”

We don’t need to tweet, share and comment on Melania’s wardrobe– Why do you think she wore it in the first place? She’s doing what Trump did, stealing the headlines.

We need to stop them from using this same stick, where your outrage over legitimate issues tailored to the lack of accountability and complexity as say foreign invasions, economic market expansion irrigated with the blood of innocent women and children, is a smug polemical from punditry driving two political forces, neoliberalism and realpolitik ideologies of equal and opposite manifestations of white supremacy and gross misogyny, undergird by a common patriarchy toward the same outcome of dominance and same mastering of subjugation . Undercut them and take the headlines back by going back, mulling over the history, data, policies, statistics, cross country comparisons, narratives, protocols, expert witness statements, push factors, and get a grip on a complete panoptic comprehension of the problem, so we can walk this back and so no one whose back is against the wall is ever turned back.

The audience she’s speaking to loves it when you get incited but can’t do anything because it’s literally impossible to win an argument with stupidity. You have to teach stupidity by out smarting stupidity. We’ve dumbed down to this level for so long, now it’s time to actually stand up and stand up for something more than being relevant for fifteen minutes.

These children are not pawns.

I’ll quote “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity” by William I. Robinson:

“As of 2010 there were 270 immigration detention centers that on any given day ‘caged’ 30,000 immigrants [including asylum seeking refugees]. Under Obama more immigrants have been detained and deported than at any time in the past half century (it should be noted that in addition to an upsurge of immigration detention and deportation, Obama approved in 2011 a law allowing for the indefinite detention without trial of anyone in the United States that the state considers a terrorist).”

This of course, referring to the CVE.

Continuing, “Since detainment facilities and deportations logistics are subcontracted to private companies, capital has a vested interest in the criminalization of immigration and in the militarization of control of immigrants…” Concurrently, I would advise those who think this suddenly germinated, to read Reuters 2011 report, “Analysis: Obama deportations raise immigration policy questions.”

It’s not about Obama, it’s not about Bush who created the most racist hardware to target Muslims, that Obama merely accentuated or that Bill Clinton previous to Bush put immigration on par with the incubation of the modern industrial prison complex extending from Reagan. It’s not about the ACLU report damming Obama because he forwent the PREA to protect women from rape in immigration detention/ imprisoned refugees: “Interestingly, the president’s commentary on our need to “protect” not the institution but the “vulnerable” victims are synonymous if not identical to the language we use when discussing the horrific incidents of assault occurring in immigration detention centers across the country. The parallels in the defense of these victims exist for a reason: no one should have to suffer through the experience of sexual assault or abuse — not children and not immigrants in government custody. Both of these populations are uniquely vulnerable, and both need protection.”

What we need is a principle not a market sensationalism in which a loss and a win are one in the same,. These are children, they belong to themselves, not a side, there value as human beings is infinite and in valuing the potential of ourselves, by not being under minded by stupidity, focusing our attention proactively toward a framework we can actually unite around, then, they win, the kids and in so doing we all win the respect of future generations.


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