Marielle Franco’s quote, “There are more of us in the street than there are of you in parliament.” There are more women of color in the world, than there are of any one identity, anywhere. The melanin rich hues of proaction are combining, in solidarity, and in solidarity that strength will shatter borders, national demarcations, colonial weapons of economic strangulation, corruption and interruption but it will not forget.

In solidarity  the levees of patriarchy will be savaged by oceans that carry liberations in tears, in reverse of male dominations depositary on civilization, but no outcome, even freedom, human rights, self-determination, autonomy and agency can give women of color back what they have lost generationally in the lives of women like Marielle Franco.

Marielle Franco murder was femicide. It is a reminder, that behind the media and neoliberal focus on the top, the most privileged, the outer panoptic is burning from women of color and women on front lines, women being murdered in the streets, comprising without compromising a feminist and women’s rights verse that transcends any man’s political doctrine/ideology of mass misogyny and market exploitation.

This is the largest genocide in the world, the murder of women.

This is the largest terrorism in the world, the intimidation, marginalization and exploitation of women, the brutality of women’s bodies and psyches.

The response to this history will produce the largest revolution in thinking, organizing, society, culture and economics, and this supplanting and rebuilding will define politics, not the inverse.

Yet none of that justifies the price it has cost women of color, the price of history, the price of existing. The price of no longer existing.

Rest Empowered Marielle Franco. We carry your dream and Afro Latinx Spring sweeping across boundaries, to reshape boundaries and free your sistren from boundaries, until the boundaries of all women and all girls are respected in resource and dignity.

Rest Empowered Marielle Franco.


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