Wake Up America: #MarchForOurLives

To dismantle the gun, we must dismantle the trigger(s), to dismantle the triggers, we must dismantle the mindset. The police sirens wake up Brownsville. The police sirens wake up South Chicago. The police sirens wake up Detroit. The police sirens wake up Skid Row, Los Angeles. Jails and prison violence wakes up America. Wake up … Continue reading Wake Up America: #MarchForOurLives

Marielle Franco: Femicide

Marielle Franco's quote, "There are more of us in the street than there are of you in parliament." There are more women of color in the world, than there are of any one identity, anywhere. The melanin rich hues of proaction are combining, in solidarity, and in solidarity that strength will shatter borders, national demarcations, … Continue reading Marielle Franco: Femicide