A reflection by a cis gender hetero man in witnessing what too many men never introspect. Witnessing the aftermath of rape too often ends with the receding of headlines into the fade of news cycles and social media updates. The pain in transitioning from victim to survivor is an arduous journey won everyday, in every breath over the course of a lifetime of surviving. This is a rally call to men across spectrums of identities in acknowledgment that the rivers of misogyny and the maelstrom of his-stories of violence targeted at women, LGBTQ+, Gender Queer and Non-Binary identities across divisions of melanin and geographies have been invaded by the oppression of patriarchal violence in a spectrum of misogynistic weapons. One of the most potent and toxic instruments of hyper-masculine entitlement culminating into a global pandemic unabated by any attempt of remedy, despite the endless cry of women across all lines of being, in all existences, omitted histories and agitations for cultural, social, economic, and political evolution of consciousness, has been rape and sexual violence. This is the reflection of one woman’s journey in living through the broken prism of social amnesia living out survival everyday, through the privileged ink of partnership.

It wasn’t until I woke up next to a survivor that I became aware what it means to be a survivor. What I have learned is just that, I will never know.

Thank you for allowing me into your world. Never stop surviving.

Indus Valley: http://www.indusdaily.com/i-woke-up-next-to-a-rape-survivor/



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