Price of Silence in cooperation with Cathartist and Daughters of Eve are combing efforts in support of Somali human rights activist Sainab Abdi’s efforts to provide emergency humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees arriving in Greece. The focus of this, Sainab Abdi’s third run, is the increasingly vulnerable populace of refugees who have no shelter. We implore all Price of Silence supporters to please share and coordinate with your community in support of this effort in the face of a unprecedented humanitarian scandal.

Action Alert: Sainab Abdi: Hope for Refugees

Too often we have felt overcome with the news unfolding in front of us, not knowing how to make the fight for human rights in the 21st Century as impacting as possible To directly touch the lives we actively activate for, to empower a culture of cooperation, toward a movement for equality from the grassroots, join us in supporting  Sainab Abdi as she brings supplies directly to the Syrians who have managed to escape despite impossible odds.

Go Fund Her: https://www.gofundme.com/sainab-abdi-hope-for-refugees

For further information on the crisis, Price of Silence invites you to follow and share: Short and Long-term Actions to Support Syria http://muftah.org/short-long-term-actions-support-syria/#.WFROSrYrLVr


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