‘Picture’ yourself ending Child Marriage

“I want to study further and become a teacher…” -Santadevi Meghwal Santadevi Meghwal belongs to the state of Rajasthan in India and she became a child bride at the age of 11 months. Child marriages deny girl children many basic rights and they are left vulnerable due to possible abuse, violence and exploitation of all … Continue reading ‘Picture’ yourself ending Child Marriage

#FreeSantadevi: The Law & Child Marriage in India

In this piece we are unlocking the provisions of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act which failed Santadevi in preserving her fundamental rights and left her no option but to fight. The Law & Child Marriage in India Child Marriage is a violation of human rights. According to UNICEF, it represents perhaps the most prevalent … Continue reading #FreeSantadevi: The Law & Child Marriage in India

This Is My Scream Against The ‘Sacrament Of Rape’

"When you are forced out of conscious defiance of the largest human rights crisis in the world, you have to use every drop of your perspective in the fight to end this crisis of silence... No institution on this earth that is cantered on mastering another human can hold anything sacred beyond its own entitlement." "Women raped by police in India. Women raped by police in the United States. Women raped by police in Johannesburg, South Africa. The police going free. Women bearing the burden of the injustice. People gather at the UN and they talk about India and hide what is happening in their own countries. People in the U.S. and Australia comment on India’s rape problem and ignore their own. This is the trick of neoliberal capitalistic societies whose underhanded working is synonymous with misogyny and patriarchy. The problem is that India is becoming more embedded in the path of our collective mistake. So, when one human being sees his fellow human being falling into a hole he can sit back and take a ‘selfie’ or that human being can scream at the top of the lungs." Continue reading the Price of Silence statement on marital rape which appeared in India's Youth Ki Awaaz: http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2015/05/marital-rape-india/