A Children’s Place is a world without sweatshops. A world in which consumers recognize their responsibility, labor organizers and policy makers converge through the conduit of activism that champions the inherent dignity of garment workers. The floors of garment factories remain ground zero for the culmination of physical violence against women, including but not limited to sexual violence, while structural economic violence mires generations of women in a sinking trench of impoverishment. Subsequently, this marginalized component of a behemoth injustice remains a conversation deferred. It is because of the anemic dialogue of the  commercial news industry that continues to  champion its own commercial sponsors, while promoting clickbait,  boosting the facade of advocacy behind the shadows of public relations and marketing, by the very industry participants who profit from the oppression and exploitation that glosses over international labor laws and human rights. Now, we must crack the mirror of progress and lookout into the reality of violent labor exploitation to recognize the role of the individual, elected officials, s that a cultural standard of transparency and accountability are constructed for a future defined in equality. Until this standard is met, till a culture of human rights is the foundation for all the diverse society that make up our common humanity, we will continue to bring this struggle to life on stage for audiences to live and reflect the conspiracy of silence sewn into the clothes we wear. Rana Plaza, never again. new


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