I’m creating an online campaign with my fellow Price of Silence activists to bring change to the conversation about rape culture. One of the most recent cases that has reached international attention is Jada, a 16 year old girl who was drugged, gang-raped, and photographed while unconscious. Her peers have responded with the hashtag “#jadapose”, creating an online mockery of her rape. She has come forward to put an end to the humiliation of rape survivors, whom the media — even those in support of Jada — continue to label as “victims.” We would like to change that.

This Monday, we will be launching a new the hashtag called #ThisIsMyJadaPose, to reclaim the power of social media to foster communication, debate, and change. We will post pictures of supporters and survivors in their own empowered stances, their own Jada poses. We strive to represent the inner power and strength of abuse survivors and their supporters and most importantly, to let everyone know that Jada and so many others are not victims, but empowered badasses.

In order to give this campaign a real global impact, we need as many pictures as possible. This is where you can help. If this campaign moves you, please respond your own Jadapose. What empowers you? Please take the time (10 minutes tops) to think about this question, make a “#ThisIsMyJadaPose” sign, and strike a pose to bring hope to those who have been victimized but know they are stronger than their abuse.

It will absolutely fill my heart — and the hearts of so many survivors searching for a voice in this fight — if you join us and spread the word.

Let’s redefine the way we talk about rape and show the world our what Jadapose really means.

Much love,


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