In a continued effort to break the silence, we are answering questions from our supporters. One comment, which we can only imagine is a heartfelt wield for an answer asks, “Who.” “Who are these men…?” Our hearts race as we speak these words out loud. The inquiry continues, “Can,” and “When” will men stand up and shatter the silence about the crimes being committed by men, ignored by societies, everywhere, in which the media sensationalizes the collective identities to anger you into hate and blame and say “oh look at those people, why do they hate women?” Who are these men and why do they rape? Because they can, because everyone is sharing pictures of Bollywood actresses, talking about Hollywood couples, and watching Nollywood films, and who scored on who at the World Cup, as men cry “Our team raped your team, victory,” exclamation. Rape and exclamation, why? Rape is power, why? How can men joke and declare victories in the name of rape, when they don’t have to walk outside to leering eyes? How can these men—who when another man walks too close behind them, or the same man is there over their shoulder two blocks in a row, don’t have to think fast, scream “fire” because no one comes when you scream “rape”—declare victory in rape? Who are these men who aren’t taunted, harassed, belittled, on the streets, in work, in school, at home, in everywhere to the point that they are told to go nowhere, and how can they find rape funny and why does no one have the courage at the table to say, “NO,” it’s not funny, it is a worldwide epidemic that is more likely to affect me, or should I say infect me, than cancer.

When will these ignorant men fight back to help us by ending their own disorder? Why? When? How come? Now! Everyone. Everywhere. Unity. Unity to say, let’s make sure that every man, everywhere, understands, that when you lay a finger on any girl or woman, anywhere, we will roar as one. We will roar to the point that if you aren’t roaring, ha-ha, you better be hiding. Unity to roar, we want changes in how boys learn, changes in what girls and boy learn, changes in the curriculum of educations, everywhere, to empower girls, to empower boys to see girls and women as equal human beings in dignity and respect. Unity to roar, that if you hold any public office, and you are not making moves to make sure women are all treated as equals, with equal resources, adequate resources, you best be sending out our resume. Unity to defy what man has taught you: that there is an “east” and a “west” and that defines who we are as people, human beings. Unity to defy that there is a caste, and that this idea of caste defines worth, and capability. We roar in unity to shatter caste. Unity to defy race, and realize that action isn’t a desk job, and as long as women of any shade of melanin, anywhere, are mute from the dialogue, as long as the invitation isn’t received, you aren’t talking equality, you are talking entitlement; you are talking of supplanting the male idea, with the male idea in different clothing, manufactured in the same sweat shop. Unity to say that a woman has the right to wear what she wants without any social criticism, whether it is a Hijab or a skirt. Women have the right to be who they are, no comments. This unity, to say when we talk equal pay, we mean equal pay for all women, everywhere. No trade for trading a woman’s dignity, respect, or worth. This is the roar! This is the unity of ACTION. This is what SHATTERS apathy, prefaces resistance, and gives birth to liberation.
This is the beginning of the end to rape culture.
Are you ready to fight?

Edited By: Sioux Mahadeo


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