To break the silence, we are taking the time out today to respond to comments from our wonderful supporters. Comments electrified in outrage in response to another brutal gang-rape. We dignify all comments and questions, but in this case, these comments offer a point of conversion from which we can commence: from inquiry into knowledge, and with hope we can transform knowledge into action. So we dignify these important inquiries to cleanse this world of the disease that is hyper-masculine, misogynistic social disorder, to make room for the cooperation and equality that will represent the highest value of human potential that can only be reached by way of full equality of all women and girls on this planet.

One comment asks, “Why,” repeatedly, “Why.” This repetition echoes an electronic scream, as to “why” one must ask “Why” again and again, “Why?” Why does the same brutality get recycled into the same plot lines again and again? Here is our “Why.” Why do we hear the same silence, again and again, why? Why can a picture of a Bollywood, Hollywood, Nollywood actor and actress, or a cricket and World Cup stat go viral in moments, but the total destruction of a woman physically and mentally is ignored, why? Why does her story, her brutal experience with male entitlement, the looting of her RIGHT to safety and safe space public spaces, and calm piece of mind not invoke a chorus of outrage that wake the night in candles, cries for change screaming let women live, why? Why does the story of the torturing of her body stay mired on a Facebook wall, stagnantly dusty until it is replaced by the next victim’s story, why? Why do we buy into objectification, dance to the drum of women’s indignity and call it entertainment? Why do politicians, whose backwards rhetoric about women sound like a rally call to violence against women, still have jobs, why? Why do they say, “End Rape in India;” “End Rape in the Congo;” “End Rape in Conflict;” “End Rape at my School,” why? Why do women outside any region deserve to be raped, and why do we speak in divisions? Why have men created artificial constructs, castes, races, East and West, words used to value and devalue perspectives, to dehumanize, to justify violence, as if human potential and culture is stagnant, and why has anyone gotten anywhere through division, why do we divide ourselves, because the men who justified rape of the “other” tell us to divide, and we listen, why?

-Price of Silence Declaration of War on Rape Culture Pt. 2
Edited By: Sioux Mahadeo


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