We received a picture on twitter  Friday night, a graphic picture of a woman hung from a tree, lynched, bloody and beaten.

After some discussion, we decided not to post her picture on any of the Price of Silence social mediums. Not because the world shouldn’t see this young girl, whose mangled body symbolizes a violent epidemic scripted in injustice, impunity, silence and tears, but out of respect to her, to who she was, and what she could have been. Out of respect to those she leaves behind crippled in the anger and sadness of witnessing the looting of her existence from this earth.

Out of respect to a tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow in which each second will painfully pass in emptiness.

In tears drumming like rain, let these words scream, “WE HAVEN’T DONE THE RIGHT THING.”

We have an eon length of names fallen in the bloodiest battle in human history-the right for women to live, to live with dignity, to be respected as human beings, here, in this time. In the face of such violence, so much knowledge has been born from the resistance, from the fight chronicled in blood, from so many centers of knowledge.

It’s not that complicated. You aren’t born knowing addition, right? You teach children to add. You teach them so they can go on to learn subtraction, multiplication, division, and more advanced forms of arithmetic. You teach them this so one day they can get a job, support themselves, engage being productive, to live, no nourish themselves, clothe themselves, and pursue what dreams may come.

We also know dehumanization leads to violence. We know you objectify to oppress, suppress knowledge to to create dependence, and this mental violence circulates throughout society-every single society on this earth, some overtly, some more tacitly. You know that we teach boys to be violent, teach them entitlement, superiority, which leads them to dehumanize and take what they are made to believe that they are entitled to, and injustice teaches them to cover up their behaviors under a facade, so civil society can pretend, pretend to care, and then go on about their business.

In the face of KNOWING, KNOWING, you can teach conflict resolution. In the face of KNOWING that you can teach gender studies, that you can teach sexual education. In the face of KNOWING that you can eradicate the pseudo science that we are separate types of human beings, with walls built between us, glass artificial walls erected during a history of chasing, and stealing wealth by means of oppression.

In KNOWING that no creature on earth, no human being on earth, has suffered as disproportionally as women and girls from every walk of life on this earth. In knowing there was a history of women’s accomplishments in every endeavor of human progress denied from HIS-STORY.

In KNOWING that you profit from forcing women to change their skin, whiten their skin, colour their skin, in profiting from rape culture in music, in television, in movies, everywhere…

In KNOWING and NOT DOING ANYTHING to change, you are an act of violence.

So we will work tirelessly, all day, every day, money, no money, taking great sacrifices, to boycott, to amass a fight of ideas, till the pressure is on, and your culture of misogyny, a common global culture of misogyny is smashed, a common thread of misogyny that stretches in every society, on every continent, is cut, is sent running, because we have stretched our rally cry, of NO MORE; NO MORE BUYING IN; NO MORE LOOtING WOMEN’S LIVES; NO MORE SELLING OUT; NO MORE BUYING IN; echos everywhere.

Your day of entitlement will be derailed and our privilege will be the laughter of the children not yet born, and that will be our justice.


*Her name was Muzammil Bibi. She was twenty years old. She was attacked by three men in the Layyah area of densely populated Punjab province. She was gang-raped, and she was beaten. Her body wore the signs of her struggle. Then she was hung, lynched, and left. 

-Written by Artistic Director Jason J. of Price of Silence


#YesAllWomen #YesAllMen  #BringBackOurHumanity  #Pakistan #TimeToAct  #RapeCulture  #EqualityIs #BreakBarriers #‎HerNameWasMuzammilBibi  


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